The Work is structured into the following work packages:


WP1: PROJECT MANAGEMENT - ensures that the project runs smoothly and that international co-ordination is maintained.

WP2: ASSESSING LOCAL SITUATIONS - detailed analysis of local factors will enable the design of statistically accurate comparative questionnaires.

WP3: COMPARING EXISTING STUDIES - lessons learned from the few existing studies of public perception will be used in questionnaire design

WP4: QUESTIONNAIRE DEVELOPMENT - detailed questionnaires for both 'before' and 'after' project studies will be developed for all the cities

WP5: SURVEY WORK - a wide sample of bus passengers and others will be surveyed for their perceptions regarding hydrogen buses and associated issues

WP6: SURVEY ANALYSIS - the results will be statistically analysed to produce an understanding of the public perception of hydrogen buses. Results will be compared before and after trials take place, and across the different cities. Contributing factors will be analysed.

WP7: DISSEMINATION - throughout the project, results and information will be disseminated through the internet. Publications and conference papers will enhance scientific understanding of the issues, while leaflets and guidelines will be produced to aid project developers, policy-makers and the general public.