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The introduction of hydrogen fuelled vehicles is taking place in selected demonstration cities worldwide, with a view to achieving full commercialisation. However, the successful introduction of these vehicles will depend not only on technical maturity, but especially on public acceptance of these new fuels and technologies. The work detailed under this project will contribute strongly to a better understanding of the acceptance of hydrogen technologies, and hence enable the introduction of hydrogen buses to be carried out with a clear strategy towards public acceptance. The work compares public attitudes in London (United Kingdom), Luxemburg (Luxemburg), Munich (Germany), Perth (Australia) and Oakland (USA), enabling international comparisons of perception to be made and contributing to the international R,D&D co-operation objectives of the EC. The work is complementary to many existing EC, national and industry projects.

The objective of the project is to assess economic preferences towards the potential and actual use of hydrogen buses by conducting 'before' and 'after' economic valuation studies within London, Munich, Luxemburg, Perth and Oakland. In addition, the project will assess the level of influence of the hydrogen bus demonstration projects in these cities on local perceptions of and attitudes towards hydrogen buses by comparing the studies within each city. Factors that explain the degrees of success and influence of each of the five demonstration projects will be analysed, and potential public perception barriers to the introduction of hydrogen buses will be identified. The project allows an important international comparison of public perception and preferences, with a focus on European countries. Recommendations for maximising the positive influence and uptake of demonstration and commercial projects will be developed and widely disseminated.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To analyse and compare public knowledge and perceptions of fuel cells and hydrogen vehicles in each city before and after the introduction of HBs demonstration projects;
  • To estimate the perceived economic value of the environmental benefits of HBs in each city, before and after HBs demonstration projects;
  • To analyse and compare intended and actual use of HBs in each city by conducting ‘before’ and ‘after’ surveys;
  • To assess how knowledge, perceptions, values and use vary across different population segments within each city and across the populations of the five cities;
  • To investigate the factors that determine the effectiveness of HBs demonstration projects in shaping public knowledge, perceptions, values and use;
  • To analyse potential barriers to the introduction of HBs in terms of public knowledge, perceptions and values, in five cities;
  • To develop recommendations for maximising the positive influence and uptake of future demonstration and commercial projects;
  • To disseminate results widely amongst companies and organisations that may in the future run hydrogen vehicle demonstration projects, or that wish to introduce such vehicles into service.


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